Canadian Building Trades

Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) is the national voice of over half a million Canadian construction workers—members of 14 international unions who work in more than 60 different trades and occupations, and generate 14 percent of this country’s GDP.

Provincial Trades

The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario is an organization that represents 13 craft unions in the construction sector, totalling 150,000 workers throughout the province. Our mission is to give construction workers a collective voice in the workplace, to help ensure that workers are well-trained to meet industry needs, and to promote healthy and safe work conditions with decent wages, pensions and benefits.

Central Ontario Building Trades

The Central Ontario Building Trades represents over 80,000 skilled trades men and women in Central Ontario.
It co-ordinates the efforts of the affiliated local unions to ensure that all workers in the construction industry receive fair wages and benefits.

Unionized Construction Works

The unionized construction industry has the best trained and most highly skilled workers and contractors in the entire industry. This means that major and minor projects alike benefit from the superiority of this workforce.