For well over a century, our members in Canada and the United States have reshaped the skylines of cities on both sides of the border and kept our nations moving. We invite you to learn more about the impact IUEC LOCAL 50 has made on our city. This website contains a great wealth of information about Local 50 of the International Union of Elevator Constructors.


July 2018,

2-Minute News

  • IHSA Safety Talk: Work-related driving
  • Updated Contractor’s Toolkit now available
  • Product spotlight: Musculoskeletal Hazards and Controls: Elevator and Escalator Trade
  • IHSA launches Distracted Driving e-learning program
Local 50 Members @ Labour Day Parade 1930

 CNE Picket Lines

IATSE Locked Out

Toronto Board of Governors Refuse to Talk


Labour Day Parade Route Modified as CNE is Boycotted



Eaton Safety Bulletin

Possible Eaton Switch 

Problems Leading To Voltage Feeds 

When Switch Is Off





Heat Stress

  • Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) Heat Stress guideline