For well over a century, our members in Canada and the United States have reshaped the skylines of cities on both sides of the border and kept our nations moving. We invite you to learn more about the impact IUEC LOCAL 50 has made on our city. This website contains a great wealth of information about Local 50 of the International Union of Elevator Constructors.


April 2018,

2-Minute News

  • IHSA Safety Talk: Hearing protection
  • Falls awareness campaign: May 7-11
  • IHSA visits Home Depots across Ontario
  • April is Dig Safe Month
  • New Magazine now available
  • MOL provides resources on impairment and workplace health and safety


22nd Anniversary Ian Mcfalane Memorial Hockey Tournament

This years winners 

Selco Elevator


Tac 32 Unexpected Motion

Unexpected Motion on TAC32C 

Is Possible

Check out the link 





Wurtec Small Piston Clamp


Immediately stop using the Wurtec 11-524 Small Piston Clamp and follow up with your supervisor